What is pituitary update?

ECE 2016 Pituitary Update is a BETA project designed to capture invaluable user feedback to support ESE’s vision to provide future delegates, non attending members and other endocrine communities with perpetual access to our educational content once the congess ends.

Irrespective of your area of interest, we hope you enjoy exploring our selected topical pituitary related content in various formats, combined with features and functionality to enhance your post ECE educational experience.

AJ van der Lely
European Society of Endocrinology, President

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ECE 2016 Pituitary Update provides convenient access to:

  • 20+ scientific video presentations
  • 15+ contextual faculty video interviews
  • Associated abstracts & slide decks
  • Live PubMed references
  • Faculty biographies and affiliations
  • Search, share and download functions
  • Access to other ECE 2016 material

A BETA project to explore user interaction and preferences with a content rich, digital educational experience


Your feedback will help ESE design a new educational digital platform for ECE 2017, Lisbon


An ESE advisory panel selected a range of topical ECE 2016 pituitary content to feature in the BETA project


Invited faculty granted ESE permission to use their material or provide their reflections on ECE 2016

What's Next?

We want to hear your navigational experience of using ECE 2016 Pituitary Update BETA to help design how we provide ECE post congress digital content in the future.

Once you have explored, we’d really appreciate your user feedback; what works well, what does not or what could be enhanced further? We cannot promise to deliver everything, but want to hear what is most useful to your needs.

The project also reflects an evolving strategic approach to better organise and focus Society activity and services in the future around the eight specialised areas identified opposite. Meanwhile, we greatly appreciate your immediate reflections on ECE 2016 Pituitary Update.

Many thanks


Helen Gregson,
European Society of Endocrinology,
Chief Executive Officer


Executive sponsors

  • AJ van Der Lelij


  • Helen Gregson

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Ilpo Huhtaniemi

    Chair: ECE 2016 Programme Organising Committee

Clinical advisors

  • Jens Otto Lunde Jorgensen

    Clinical Professor, Department of Endocrinology and Diabetes University Hospital, Aarhus, Denmark

  • Christian Strasburger

    Prof. of Medicine, Chief Clinical Endocrinology Charité Universitätsmedizin, Berlin, Germany

Project delivery

  • Nik Screen

    Project Manager

  • Dan Wright

    Marketing Manager

  • Support:

    Alex Harrison Andrea Davis & ECE 2016 Congress Team


This BETA project has been funded exclusively by ESE, independent of any 3rd party.
We thank and acknowledge our Corporate Members for their continuing interest in our future educational developments.